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By registering to be a Trade Partner (TP) and/or using the information and/or material from this website and any others that are accessed from it, you (the Company) declare that it fulfils the requirements of a TP as stated below. It also agrees to comply with and be bound by the Terms of Use and other applicable terms and conditions stipulated on this website, and as may be amended in the future, once the Company has notice of such amended terms. The Company’s use of the website after any change has been effected on it will be deemed to be notice of the new provisions.

If the information that the Company provided becomes inaccurate, it is obliged to notify us in writing within thirty (30) days of such change, and to provide the accurate information as updated. If the Company fails to do so, or if it is discovered to be untrue, or if the Company violates the terms and conditions of its registration or use of this website, the Company’s name will automatically be delisted and its use of this website terminated. This will be done without liability to the Hong Kong Tourism Board (“HKTB”), and without prejudice to the Company’s right to re-apply for status as a TP.

The Company agrees that the HKTB can use the information provided by or on behalf of the Company for processing the listing or registration applied for, and internal administration, marketing, promotions, research and statistical purposes.

The Company also grants the HKTB permission to share this information with agents, contractors or third party service providers as part of its business operations, and agree that information provided by you may be displayed on this website for sharing with other TPs.

The Company is aware of the HKTB Privacy Policy (see

By registering to be a TP, the Company confirm that:

  1. The Company is duly registered, incorporated or otherwise validly exists under the applicable laws of its head office jurisdiction, and holds all necessary and valid licenses and permits for the operation of its business in each location wherein it carries on business.
  2. The Company is, and will continue to be involved in providing products and/or services to inbound visitors to Hong Kong.
    1. There have not been any unresolved complaints to the HKTB or other relevant bodies or authorities made against the Company within the period of 12 months before the date hereof or for which the Company had received a negative judgment.
    2. The Company undertakes to inform the HKTB upon its receipt of any notice of any complaint.
    3. The Company understands that if three of any such complaints are received within a period of 12 months at any time, its name will be automatically delisted unless it is shown by the Company to the satisfaction of the HKTB that such complaints are unsubstantiated or otherwise unjustified.
  3. The Company’s business operations are properly and adequately managed and run by experienced and trained personnel.
  4. The company is of sound financial standing.
  5. The Company provides good quality services and maintains ethical standards of business at all times, and is co-operative in resolving complaints from customers.
  6. The Company undertakes to provide the HKTB with all information and documents in relation to this application as and when required by it, failing which this application may be rejected or the Company’s name may be delisted at any time.
  7. The Company undertakes to inform the HKTB in writing, within thirty (30) days of such change, of any change of circumstances which renders untrue or inaccurate the information that has been provided by or on behalf of the Company, or will be so provided, to HKTB.
  8. The Company understands that its name will be automatically delisted if it is found that any of the information in this declaration or otherwise provided to HKTB is or at any time becomes untrue or inaccurate, or any condition imposed by the HKTB in respect of the listing or registration applied for is breached.
  9. The Company understands that the HKTB may in its sole and absolute discretion, without prior notice, accept or reject this application, and may impose or waive at any time any conditions it deems necessary in respect of the listing or registration applied for, and may delete or remove the Company’s name from the list or registration at any time.

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